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25+ Best Pics shared when Animals followed Social Distancing

Tweets shared when Animals following Social Distancing

At the time when the pandemic is taking all over the world, Social distancing is the only option which is need to be taken to stop the spread of this disease.
World health organisation (WHO) advised us to follow social distancing with at least metre gap between yourself and other person who's near to you. Sadly, there are still some peoples who are not taking this virus seriously and causing the spread of the coronavirus

Now even animals from all places are taking this virus seriously. See How they are doing this!!!

1. Social distancing on bench
Images: animatedtimes
2. Social distancing in Wynyard by birds
Images: animatedtimes
3. Social distancing in japan by cats
4. Social distancing in a mall

Social Distancing by a cat from r/funny
5.  Peacocks way: Social distancing

6. Aussie is much serious about social distancing

This aussie heard about social distancing, cat didn't from r/AnimalsBeingDerps
7. Dog is waiting for his number

8. Social distancing in home

9. Social distancing 

10. Dog and cat : social distancing 

11. Social distancing mockery

12 . Pigeon

13. Even cat do it 

14. They know what to do 

15.  Social distancing

16. Even Moose knows Social distancing 

Image may contain: tree, plant, snow, outdoor and nature
Images: facebook 

17. Social distancing : Duck's way
18. We are apart : Dogs
Images: animatedtimes
19. Social distancing know
Image may contain: basketball court and outdoor
Images: Facebook
20. Cats get it
Cats practicing Social Distancing (Karachi, Pakistan) from r/pics
21. Social distancing
Images: Instagram
22. Social distancing on roof
Social Distancing
Images: Imgur
23. Even the seagulls get it!!!
Images: animatedtimes
24. Why it's hard for people

25. Social distancing
26. Calm
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