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Latest Fastest 5G Tech Smartphone in 2020

Latest Fastest 5G Smartphone in 2020

The best Phones deliver great cameras, the performance you need to multitask and the endurance to last the whole day. But in this category it's definitely not one size fits all. And there are a lot of great values for those who are looking for the Latest Fastest 5G Smartphone on the planet 2020 without paying $1000. Then, you're definitely going to love these Phones.

We gonna start with extreme fastest one then extra extreme one.

1. Nubia Redmagic 5G - Latest Fastest 5G Tech Smartphone in 2020


This phone comes in a quite funky looking box. Weighs around 218g with a funny hexagonal cut out. Also, strangely, it can support up to 55W insane blazing fast charging but it only comes with 18W charger.

One thing is to be noted that almost every resource is being used to make this smartphone the best one. I would say that REDMAGIC 5G fly close to the face of sun.

When comes to design, it is smooth, and elegant shaped flagship smartphone. This phone has hexagonal camera cutouts and got ridges, buttons and cutouts on every side of the phone. And, also got a glowing logo on the back of the phone.


The best way to describe this is basically a market leading specs sheet for surprisingly affordable price. As, it starts at less than $600 approx, the exact price is still not finalized yet.


‌1. You get 6.55inch (16.64 cm) AMOLED display with world leading 144Hz refresh rate with a top level snapdragon 865 chipsets Processor with up to 16gigs of RAM with LPDDR4 and 256gigs of fastest UFS 3.0 Storage.

2. It got 4500mAh decent Battery backup with 5G connectivity and also it's camera can a video at 8K that's pretty cool. There's more cool stuff that isn't obvious from the spec sheet, as it gives cracking sets of stereo speakers which is placed one at the front and one at the bottom. And this phone has headphone jack which is definitely a rare feature for these days.

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3. It got liquid cooling system assisted by a physical fan inside it. For cooling, it has some sort of grills on the side of phone which are exhaust so that cold air can enter and hot air can leave.


When it comes to benchmarks of REDMAGIC 5G, this phone is at another level compared to other flagships.


Even SAMSUNG S20 ULTRA scored 559761.


But as, I said REDMAGIC 5G scored 633724 points on ANTUTU benchmark. This phone has the highest benchmark you must have ever seen. Maybe many flagship phones have heating problem but this phone didn't heat. This one is definitely built for sustained performance.


1. It's really tough to describe how fast this phone is. Thanks to the display when you are swapping on the display it feels like slicing warm butter!!!

2. I know it is little weird but it's true quite possibly that it is the fastest phone in the world. This phone is the extreme gaming phone ever. It has extra capacitive shoulder buttons.

3. Also, it has extra gaming functions like different gaming profiles to better highlight enemies in certain games and different sound profiles some bring out the background music and the other one draws your attention to enemy footsteps to locate them not to mention you can individually tune your CPU and GPU performance, like I said it just bizarre !!!

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I would say on the basis of gaming then this phone can be at your priority list.


1. I think it still lacks right software. Also, obviously some sort of minor hardware things are missing wireless charging, ip68 water and dust resistant rating.

2. The Biggest problem is the software related as it has general user experience interface which is definitely outdated nowadays.

3. Perfectly good quality decent 64MP camera and genuinely you can shoot 8K video from it. But the image processing software is where the real problem lies is it doesn't handle dynamic range nearly as well as the sensor is capable of and the AI on this smartphone, when it tunes the photos are so much heavy-handed.

Let's see where this affordable extreme flagship phone stands with other flagship phones.

2. Blackshark 3 Pro - Latest Fastest 5G Tech Smartphone in 2020


This phone comes with lots of accessories like nice back cover, joy con, USB type-C cable, one of the cool one is FUN cooler which looks like cooling a nuclear reactor.


My very first impression is actually a moment of contemplation because I have seen such a bigger smartphone in my life.

Now come to the back part of it. The symmetry in design on both top and bottom which is very cool looking.

Also, this phone is also very comfortable to hold when you are gaming, also there are matte rails on the side and vinyl texture in the middle of backside which is I assuming is used for more grip.


Antutu scoring of Blackshark 3 Pro is 620952 points which is greater than 99% of the smartphones available.


The phone is too big about 7.1 inch (18.03 cm) Quad HD 90Hz AMOLED Display with a 270Hz touch response rate.

The phone is powered by SNAPDRAGON 865 and 12gigs of RAM and 512gigs of UFS 3.0 Storage. And, 5000mAh battery and 65W insane more fast charging than the previous one. Also, this isn't super charge, it is a hyper charge.


1. Dual front facing stereo speakers and headphone jack. And, one of the most surprising feature is the physical shoulder buttons as you play a game the buttons come out and as you leave the game they disappear.

2. The graphics, frame rates and the controls all are the best. It's like nothing could challenge him. I think they are the best in any android phone ever.

3. The cooling fan or cooler has a massive fan on it. And this thing needs active power to work on it. Because below the fan is effectively a freezer so when take it off after the phone becomes cold that you literally feel like, to defrost the phone in front of sun.


1. I don't know what type of hands are needed to hold this phone. The phone still lacks in the camera department but slightly better than REDMAGIC 5G.

2. There are things that are added in a gaming phone to make gaming experience better, but they have a side effects of making the general phone experience better.

The dual stereo speakers added in to help you locate when you are playing they bring videos to life and high-end haptic engine in the phone is build to give vibrations in game also everything from typing to touching gives you a really satisfying physical responses.

All right, which Latest Fastest 5G Tech Smartphone in 2020 one you want to pick Redmagic 5G which is around $600 or Blackshark 3 Pro which is around $700.


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